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Welcome to the dog classifieds site

pastorepastore2 is a web portal specializing in ads for dogs and professional dog services.
Posting ads is free, but it is mandatory to register on the site.
The site sets itself the ambitious goal of becoming the point of reference for world dog lovers, offering the possibility of:
Publish ads for free in 208 different countries around the world;
Consult the announcements and publish them in 15 different languages;
Place ads in various locations, from a small village of 70 inhabitants to large global cities, thanks to a database of over half a million locations entered;
The ability to use over 130,000 options to define ads, both for publication and for consultation;
The possibility of using over 200,000 advanced technical filters designed solely for the dog world and for the category to which they belong;
The possibility, thanks to registration on the site, of having a free personal account which allows you to have a convenient list of your ads, and to be able to modify or delete them as needed;
The account will also allow you to use an internal chat on the site to which only registered people have access.
The ability to write reviews or comments on each ad and also assign a rating from 1 to 5 stars;
The ability to select or search for more than 450 dog breeds, including new, unrecognized dog breeds such as the bandog, cavapoo, pomsky, pomapoo, cockapoo, maltipoo, and many other breeds recognized only by a few agencies official national dog lovers.
Moreover, there are very rare breeds of dogs little known to the mass public, present as indigenous in restricted and remote geographical areas of the earth, but no less interesting or functional for this, such as the Persian Mastiff , Tibetan Mastiff, Bully Kutta, Alabai, Azawakh, Xoloitzcuintle, Griffon Nivernais, Turkish Kangal, West Turkish Akbash, South African Boerboel and many more.
You will not need to know all the morphological and character characteristics of all the breeds in the world to be able to find your ideal dog, thanks to the very comfortable filters you can select your ideal dog in a few clicks, choosing it on the basis of sex, size, color and length of the coat, mapping of the coat, age, aptitudes, features and power of the bite, once these filters have been selected, the database will return all the ads with the breeds relevant to what you are looking for.
A site with an international feel, waiting to be discovered and continuously updated, with many advanced features that are unique throughout the world of dog classifieds sites.
A site that operates in a serious and professional manner, but also a site designed for those who love and respect dogs...

The dog, in addition to being man's best friend, is a work of art of nature, both from the point of view of physical beauty and from the point of view of aptitudes and functionality.
Day by day he supports people, with great success, in many human activities, including:
Livestock protection;
The protection of our homes and family members;
The guide for the blind;
Rescue on water and on land;
Pet therapy;
The support of the forces of order and of the military in carrying out their functions;
The support of doctors for the identification of diseases such as tumors;
The search for truffles and much more...
However, one of the most important "functions" of the dog is company, from the moment it enters our family nucleus all family members benefit from the newcomer, enriching everyone's life.
All people, sooner or later, go through various very unpleasant phases in their lives, such as for example the mourning of close relatives, abortion, the end of a great love or a great friendship, the crisis of mid age, disability, and often we find ourselves facing these terrible situations alone, many turn to professionals who try to resolve the situation for a reasonable financial compensation, many others take a dog with them, perhaps adopting it from the kennel and slowly , day after day, thanks to the warmth and great love of the dog they smile back to life; there are even those who, having an only child, to make up for the lack of a brother, get a dog to make them grow up together.
it has been scientifically proven that children who grow up with dogs from an early age, as adults develop a greater psychological balance and also develop greater resistance to allergies, moreover the happiness that dogs are able to give to children is priceless,
In life there are only 3 certainties: death, taxes and love infinity of dogs.
In some countries of the world dogs are venerated as divinities, for example in Japan, the Akita Inu breed dog has been declared a national monument, by virtue of its great loyalty to man, in Turkey instead the Kangal breed dog has been declared a national monument for having saved the lives of many shepherds from the onslaught of wolves and bears, this breed is so loved and respected that its export outside Turkey has been prohibited, to prevent the its genetic patrimony was altered by inopportune crossings.
The dog therefore deserves great attention, and it is for this reason that the site was born, to give respectability and visibility to the greatest life partner of the human being.
Someone will find it boring when posting the ad to have to enter so much information about the dog, but all this is necessary for two reasons:
1) Those who get a dog, by reading the ads, will be able to know all the characteristics of this dog perfectly and therefore he will be able to make a more informed and relevant choice to his needs, it is a very important choice, which requires seriousness, because the dog will become a life partner for many years, for example those who need a dog as guard and personal defense to protect his family from ill-intentioned people, he will be able to find his ideal dog by selecting the filters "suitable for guarding, for self-defense, the degree of power of the bite, etc..", for this reason the analysis in the ads is taken very seriously by this portal, the well-being of both the dog and the owners depends on it, a dog that does not have the characteristics sought represents a danger for itself and for others.
2) Those who breed dogs, selecting blood lines, both in terms of character and morphology, deserve respect, because they preserve the genotypic nature of the breed and because they do a great job for the whole community, thus allowing the conservation of these characteristics, also from here comes the idea of highlighting these characteristics in an analytical way in all ads for dogs.


Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

By registering you will be assigned a free personal account, in which you can edit all the ads you have published, you will also be able to receive messages from potential buyers and chat directly with other registered people.
You are free to choose to register, in case you do not if you subscribe you will be able to publish the ads but you will not be able to modify them, these ads will be automatically deleted after a certain number of months.
Once you have registered on the site, do not forget that before publishing the ad you will need to log in and enter your credentials , because if you are not logged in, the announcement will be published by an unregistered user.
Registering is also convenient for those who do not publish announcements, because it allows you to save the announcements that most interest you and also allows you to chat directly with those who publish the announcements.

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Here are some useful tips: ”consigli”
In the ad title, don't forget to insert the name of the breed of dog you want to sell or give as a gift;
Insert the keywords, for example if you are selling a German shepherd, among the keywords you could insert: "German shepherd, wolf dog, police dog, guard dog";
Once your ad has been published on, share it using the social network buttons that you find on the ad page;
Don't repeat the same concepts several times within the ad, for example it is useless to write the telephone number even within the ad, it already appears in the pre-compiled field, unjustifiably long ads make people run away;
When you address potential buyers of the dog or service in the ad, avoid phrases such as: "away from time wasters and dreamers" or other similar phrases, this climate of hostility will make even the well-intentioned flee;
Don't omit the price in your dog sale listing, a listing with no price usually makes a bad impression on a prospective buyer.
If you enter the price of the puppy or dog service, enter the real price, not a very low price just to draw attention to your ad, you will waste the potential buyer's time and you will also waste time;
The first photo you insert in the ad is the most important, so put a photo that has a close-up of the dog, in which the muzzle is clearly visible and in the center of the photo, if possible without shadows and blurs;
If you need to sell one or more puppies, insert at least 3 photos in the ad, a close-up of the puppies, a close-up of the mare and a close-up of the stallion, for anyone buying a dog it is very important to understand the bloodline from which it comes the puppy he will buy;
Avoid posting the same ad several times, you will only create a lot of confusion and penalize all site visitors;
To increase your chances of success, publish a video on youtube, then you can insert the video link in the ad, and the video will be directly visible from the ad, the video is very important because in addition to showing the morphology of the dog, it shows it also the dynamism of the movement.

For any problem you can contact us by email by filling out the appropriate form, we also accept suggestions and proposals for improving the site.

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Thanks for being here, you're in the right place, this site was born mainly for the love of dogs, and there are no series A or series B dogs, at least not on this site.
Unfortunately, in various countries, only a very small percentage of municipalities publishes a list of kennels, so the first suggestion is to register and publish an ad in the "Shelters and Shelters" category, entering where the kennel of the your area, the times and days of closure, from registered if there are changes you can modify the announcement over time.
If people don't know where the kennels are, no one will ever go there, they are usually in remote places, it will be as if they had never existed, from this you can understand how important it is to signal the presence of the kennel.
A second suggestion concerns the announcements of dogs, avoid signaling dogs as if they were purebred if they are not, the law establishes that a dog to be defined as purebred must have a pedigree, also because who reads the ads will feel teased or cheated and this will reduce the likelihood that the dog will be adopted.
The third suggestion is to share the ads you post on all your social networks, you will increase the chances that the dog will be adopted.
Last suggestion, there is the "volunteer appeals" category in which through the publication of advertisements you can offer or search stalls for dogs in difficulty or passages for dog relays, make this category known in your network of national volunteers on Facebook or other social networks will come in handy for everyone.
Thank you for your patience and for what you do for our animal friends, if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the site:

Write to us ✉

segnala;If you find a non-compliant or illegal advertisement while browsing the site, you can easily report it by clicking on the flag at the bottom of the advertisement in question, a complaint form will open to be filled in, once the offense has been verified, the advertisement will be deleted.< br />In the report form you can report: fraud, repeated ads, spam, vulgar ads and more.

Both for purebred dogs and for mestizos it is advisable to follow the protocol established by the FCI, this code establishes how relations between owners should be regulated:
1) Draw up a contract signed by both owners in which there are all details relating to stud and future puppies.
2) Specify in the contract that all costs relating to the maintenance of the mare, when she is with the owner of the stallion, and possibly also all damages caused by her , are paid by the owner of the bitch;
In the event of the death of the mare when she is at the stallion owner's domicile, the stallion owner is responsible for paying the veterinary expenses to ascertain her death, furthermore he will have to inform the owner of the bitch .
In the event that the death is attributable to the owner of the stallion, he must compensate for the damages caused.
It is also advisable to put in writing that once the stallion has been identified, only this will have to carry out the stud.< br />The owner of the stallion cannot under any circumstances have the bitch mounted by another dog, without first having the consent of the owner of the same, otherwise the owner of the stallion will have to compensate the owner of the bitch.
3 ) In the contract it is advisable to specify that the owner of the stallion assists in the mating, furthermore the identifiers of the dogs and owners must be present.
4) The owner of the stallion is entitled to a reward, which can be replaced by the possession of a puppy only with prior written agreement.
In the event that the mare does not become pregnant, the contract may include conditions, for example the owner of the stallion may allow a second stud free of charge, or return a percentage of the fee.
However, if the stallion is sterile, then the owner of the bitch must be compensated.
5) In the case of artificial insemination, the costs of collecting the semen and registering the puppies are the responsibility of the owner of the bitch.

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